Embrace the Calmness 

When it came to naming my company brand, I wanted a name be of significant importance and represent not only my company’s identity, but convey my values, personality, and aspirations. I chose Apricity as it means the warmth of the sun breaking through in winter. It comes from the Latin word apricus meaning “to be warmed by the sun”. 

The Beauty of Apricity

The name itself exudes a sense of beauty, evoking images of golden rays of sunlight casting their gentle warmth and radiance on a chilly day. Apricity reflects the beauty of nature’s embrace, offering a sense of comfort, solace, and a respite from the cold. The name carries a soothing quality that I hope will resonate with individuals seeking calmness, balance, and relaxation in their lives.

Apricity invokes positive emotions and associations, aligning with the desire for warmth, comfort, and renewal. Apricity has many positive associations, which align with what I do and how I help people with my specialist counselling services.

This is my first blog and I will be posting regular updates, tips and news to give value, guidance and support.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about the services, I offer, please do contact me for a chat.